Lightfest UK, hosting uplifting and enriching events for the Mind, Body and Spirit, by bringing together some of the best in the South West for ONE DAY events near you.

Lightfest UK  have secured some of the best Holistic practitioners, mediums, psychics and spiritual gift retailers in the South West for a ONE DAY EVENT on Saturday 16th September 2017.  Check them out here.

Also at the Event

Devon Dowsers

Have you ever been curious about DOWSING?  Wondered if you can get the ancient rods to move?  If this is you… come and try for FREE.  Devon Dowsing Society will be ready and waiting to show you how it works.  Check out their Website

Sound Gong Bath

Stressed? Overworked? Tired? Running on empty?  Come and experience a FREE GONG BATH.  The lovely Peter Whitehart from Tiverton will take care of you.  You can relax and let go in a secure environment whilst Peter envelops and uplifts you with the sounds of the gong.   One gorgeous  hour from 1pm – 2pm.  Only 30 places available – secure your slot at the Lightfest desk on arrival.  Check out Peter’s website.

Spiritual Healing

Have you got a nagging back pain, shoulder pain or any kind of niggling pain that won’t go away?  Experience FREE Spiritual Healing from our fabulous HONITON spiritualist healing team.   Check out their website




Have you heard of Dr Emoto ?  He is the scientist that has proven the power of words by talking to water, turning it into ice crystals and recording the outcome with some astonishing images.   We are delighted to announce that 100% of all RAFFLE proceedings will be donated to THE DR EMOTO’S PEACE PROJECT UK & IRELAND, who are raising money to give our children a FREE COPY OF THE BOOK ‘The Message from Water’.

EMOTO PEACE PROJECT is an effort to make the children’s book, THE MESSAGE FROM WATER, reach all children on earth. Through this book, they will learn that we are all water ourselves and that water is supporting our life. Through water crystal photos, they will learn that all water on this planet earth has information, and the form of water crystals differs depending on the information that water has. They will let children know the importance of people’s consciousness, words, and thoughts. It will help children grow spiritually and will help create peaceful world.

find out more about Dr Emoto’s Peace Project here


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